“I am love” not “I love you.”

Conditioning creates who we are. We’ve been conditioned by movies and people around us, who don’t know much about love, to SAY the words “I love you.” From the time we are small, we are taught to say the words. Our mind is conditioned to find the one person we can love, as if love is a rare source that must be hoarded. We become stingy with love. Our parents, then our spouse, says, “you can only love me.” That almost implies we should hate everyone else, not even love self? Practicing hatred of everything then trying to love just one person can not happen.

Instead, practice this new matra, “I am love.” What does that feel like in your body? Love does NOT exist outside of us! That is a false notion. The only love is within you. You ARE love. From this place of “I am love”, what do you love?

You may find that from “I am love” you love yourself. When you don’t judge or hate yourself, you now judge others less. You can love others. When “I am love”, I experience love with the sky, ocean, people around me or the world, the universe is available. Love simply IS.

So practice this week your new mantra, “I am love” and the beingness of love. You don’t need to talk about love, people will just feel it. Then, just maybe, they will remember THEY are love. And what if all humans remembered that they ARE love, not that love is some commodity, some external quantity, what would be possible?

Say inside, “I am love.”


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