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  • “Do the right thing” as your Code of Conduct?

    Alphabet, the new parent company of Google, has its corporate code of Conduct visible for the whole world to see. It’s stated plainly in the first paragraph: “… do the right thing – follow the law, act honorably, and treat each other with respect.” https://investor.google.com/corporate/code-of-conduct.html You may recall that Google’s code still begins with: “Don’t […]

  • Billionaires don’t use to-do lists. Why do you?

    A contributor to Forbes Magazine has interviewed over 200 billionaires, Olympians, straight-A students and entrepreneurs and found this out: NONE of them use “to-do” lists. He lists three key reasons a to-do list is a fail: TIME is not accounted for It doesn’t distinguish between URGENT and IMPORTANT tasks It contributes to STRESS What people tend to do with these […]

  • The challenge with the word “god”.

    I was having a conversation with a client today. The word “god” came up. Some of us are challenged by the usage of the word god. It can bring up many neuro-associations in our unconscious mind, depending on our conditioning. A parallel: Some people hear the word “Budweiser” and think “yum” or see an icy […]

  • Tony Robbins and Sage Q&A Valentine’s session on relationship

    Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and the truth is that an intimate relationship with one mate can be the most rewarding AND most challenging area of life. Some people are dreaming of finding that love of their life. Some have it and want to make it richer. And others may have silently given up. Tony and […]

  • 6 Lessons From Pixar That Will Set You Up For Success


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